I am a tenure-track associate professor in the Machine Learning Group at the University of Bergen and a honorary associate professor at the University of Warwick. My current research interests focus on the study of structural causal models and causal abstraction, as well as on methodologies for learning and exploiting abstraction in machine learning and reinforcement learning.

Previously, I worked as as a post-doctoral research asssociate in the Warwick Machine Learning Group at the University of Warwick, where I led research on machine learning, causality and abstraction in the group of Prof Theo Damoulas. During my first postdoc, I did research on reinforcement learning, computer security, and uncertainty in the Information and Cyber Security group at the University of Oslo under Prof Audun Josang. As a PhD, I studied unsupervised learning and information theoretic learning under the supervision of Prof Ke Chen at the University of Manchester.

I am also interested in the systematization of machine learning, and in the potential intersections of machine learning with other topics such as physics, politics, economics and philosophy.

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